The custom widgets included in the Ice Breaker theme is the easiest way to configure your theme to integrate with your new FeedBurner feed and Twitter account.

After you have uploaded and activated the theme, and configured your theme options, head on over to the Widgets panel under Appearance in your WordPress admin panel.

Ice Breaker Widgets

You might notice almost all of WordPress’ default widgets, except the Text widget, are missing. Not to worry, they will come back once you switch themes. They are removed because there’s really no need for these widgets, like a search box, on a one page site.

Text Widget

This widget is ideal for a quick message letting your visitors know your new blog is coming soon. If you want text to be placed on more than one line, simply make a line break in your text widget and select the Automatically add paragraphs option.

Ice Breaker Text Widget

Make sure to leave the Title blank, as it isn’t needed.

Subscription Box

This is the widget used that controls your e-mail subscription box. Fill out your FeedBurner feed name, picked out when you signed up to FeedBurner, along with the default text displayed inside your input.

Ice Breaker Subscription Widget

The Default Text can be left blank if you would rather not have text there.

Social Icons

This widget can display a direct link to your feed, as well as a link to your Twitter account.

Ice Breaker Social Widget

You need to fill out your full feed URL for the RSS URL option, and just your Twitter username for the latter. If either is left blank, the respective icon will not be displayed.

Final Result

After filling out all the above widget settings as outline above, you should get something that looks like this.

Ice Breaker Widgets Final Result

Of course, results may vary depending on how you set up your theme options.