Theme Options

Once you have uploaded and activated the Ice Breaker theme, you can access the theme options page in your WordPress administration panel by navigating to your Appearance menu and clicking the Ice Breaker Options link below.

Ice Breaker Theme Options


As you might’ve guessed, this dropdown menu lets you select from the list of premade color schemes. The options are: blue, red, green and gray. Check out the different color scheme screenshots to the right.

Simply select the color of your choice and click the Save Changes button to see the new color live on your site.

Remove Description

By default, your blog’s description (Just another WordPress blog on a fresh installation) is displayed directly below your blog title as illustrated below.

Ice Breaker Description

If you would like to remove this, simply check the Remove Description box and save your changes.

I Have an Image Logo

If you make a custom logo image with the included PSD file, make sure to check this box after you’ve uploaded the appropriate logo file to Ice Breaker’s images directory.

Instead of a text-based logo, which displays your blog name and description, this option will display a background image named logo-(color).png instead, with (color) being the name of the color scheme you are currently using.

Remove Footer Link

In the theme is a small, unobtrusive link in the footer of the theme with Custom Theme‘s logo.

Ice Breaker Footer Link

If you would rather remove this image link, simply check the Remove Footer Link box and save your changes.