Optional Plugins

The Blogwave theme has support and integration included for a couple of useful WordPress plugins, including WP125 for 125×125 ad management, and WP-PageNavi for numbered page navigation (instead of the usual previous/next post links).

WP125 – 125×125 Ad Management

You can check out the features of the WP125 plugin on the official page at WordPress.org. Here are some notable features:

  • Show as many ads as you want in either manual or random order.
  • Keep track of how many times an ad is clicked.
  • Optionally receive email notifications when an ad expires.

I would recommend multiples of 2 (since there are two columns of ads in Blogwave), and probably no more than 6 total.

To get started, just install the WP125 plugin via your dashboard and place the WP125 widget in your sidebar. Here’s what it looks like with four ads.

Blogwave Ads

No further configuration is necessary as Blogwave will override any default stylings included with the WP125 plugin, resulting in perfectly spaced 125×125 ads.

WP-PageNavi – Page Navigation

Blogwave PageNaviInstalling WP-PageNavi plugin in conjunction with the Blogwave theme will give you cool numbered pagination as opposed to the usual boring previous/next links.

It is displayed on the main index template, archives (categories, tags, monthly/weekly/daily archives), and search results pages when there are enough posts available to warrant pagination.

Again, no further configuration is necessary after the initial installation. All styles (including color-themed) are integrated seamlessly between WP-PageNavi and Blogwave.