At Custom Theme, we design and code unique blog layouts to use on your WordPress sites. We offer a number of different custom theme packages. All of our custom themes come with a set of standard features, making it easy to manage your new blog design.

  • Widgetized areas where appropriate (sidebar, footer, etc.)
  • Threaded comments and pagination, compatible with WordPress 2.7+
  • Theme option pages on request, for editing things directly from the admin panel
  • Custom write panels on request, when you’d rather not mess with custom fields
  • Of course, completely valid XHTML/CSS code which is optimized for search engines

Personal Blog Theme

A standard blog-style layout

If you’re a personal blogger, then this is the package for you. No fancy features, just a great looking standard blog with a blog index template as well as single post page with comments. This is our most affordable custom theme package for you.

Gallery Theme

Ideal for photo bloggers

A gallery-style theme is ideal for those looking for a photo or video blog. This style of theme could also be used for gallery sites of any type. An index template as well as a subpage template would be included in the package.

Magazine Theme

A news-style layout

If you have a content rich site, and want it to be organized in a magazine style fashion, you’re going to want to order a magazine theme. Comes with a featured post area, optional thumbnail images, and other features you’d expect to see in a WordPress magazine theme.

CMS Theme

For everything else

Great for businesses, a CMS theme will allow your WordPress site to look like a “normal” website, although everything will be managed by a WordPress backend. A homepage template, blog index template, and well as subpage template will be included.

Found the package you like? Head on over to the contact page to request a quote.